Butterfly Wraps by Michelle

The Butterfly Wrap is designed for babies that wriggle their way out of normal blanket wraps.  

With side flaps that velcro each arm to their side, your baby is secure and comfortable within the Butterfly Wrap.  

The bottom of the wrap ties onto the cot to keep it in place and to stop your baby kicking their legs up and keeping them awake.  

No more nursing baby to sleep, and no more re-wrapping in the middle of the night.

For night feeds, just un-velcro the arms and keep your baby in the wrap.  

Optional extra is a dummy ribbon, please advise on order screen if required.


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Two styles available for both girls and boys : 

Prices and sizes


3 to 6 months or 6 to 9 months



$45.00 each

plus $4.95 postage & handling    

How to order

Click on the order now button or contact Michelle directly.

Contact Michelle

Email: shelley_cody@hotmail.com


Girl - Spring / Summer (cotton)
Boy - Spring / Summer (cotton)
Girl - Autumn / Winter (fleece)
Boy - Autumn / Winter (fleece)

Boy - Winter / Autumn

Girl - Summer / Spring

Boy - Summer / Spring

Girl - Winter / Autumn

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Any questions regarding the Butterfly Wraps should be directed to Michelle at shelley_cody@hotmail.com
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